Support for Multiport Serial Cards in VMWare?

I have some trouble getting a virtual machine in VMware to support my Multiport Serial Card. The host computer finds the PCI-card (AccelePort Xem). But the virtual machines doesnt.
Does anyone have an idea? Is there support for AccelePort Xem in VMware inn the first place?

What OS is running on the host computer? Are the drivers loading (as in useable serial ports) there?

The Host-computer is running Win2003 Server.
So does the virtual machines.

The drivers and hardware works in the Host computer but cannot be found in the VM.

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Did you ever get anywhere with this…?

We have the same issue we want a 16 port DIGI 16em to be visible to a virtual NT4 server, as far as I can see neither VMWare nor Microsoft Virtual Server make the Serial Card hardware visible to the Virtual Machine.

It’s a real pity :frowning:


We’re trying to do the same. We’re installing a AccelePort Xem 16p on a vSphere 4 server. So far, the vSphere server doesn’t see the card. Is it normal, and how can we install the drivers on the ESX ?

Is there any prebuilt driver that we could add to the ESX ?

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Unless something with virtualization software has changed that I am unaware of, there is no way to use PCI cards with virtualization software. Virtualization software, including VMWare, does not have a way to access the PCI bus of the PC. Even though the software may appear to ‘recognize’ that PCI slots exist on the host PC, they do not have access to the slots. If someone knows that this has changed, please let Digi know and we can test it out.

One alternative would be to use a PortServer product and the RealPort driver, which has been shown to work in a virtual environment. It is not officially supported, but works for many customers.