Switching to Little Endian Mode

I use UNC20 and it starts in Big Endian Mode. How can I switch to Little Endian mode during the startup routine? Can I just set the LENDIAN bit in the System Control Register? In this case, in what mode should the next instruction be? Will NS7520 refetch it after the LENDIAN bit is set?

Hi Alex Usually you set the Endian mode using the eternal HW bootstrap setup (usually a jumper or switch)… which has the effect of setting LENDIAN before the Core starts running code… In theory you can change the LENDIAN SFR bit when in operation (I think!)… but this means your startup code needs to be Big Endian up until you set the LENDIAN SFR bit and then Little Endian from that point on… This is messy and would probably need hand coding as I wouldn’t think your dev tools would like generating this :wink: BBFN Dave