terminal session exits with EOT in Solaris 10 SPARC

We use an Edgeport/4 to connect from our Sun Fire V120 running Solaris 10 to 4 Motorola 68040 boards in our data acquisition system. These are just debugging terminals but are required for configuring the 040 boards.

With the latest recommended patch cluster as of 2/28/07, we are able to connect to all 4 boards. The problem is that the tip session is receiving an EOT signal at random times. The problem is so bad that we are unable to finish configuring the boards before the session terminates.

Here is a snippet from the /etc/remote file:


and we connect using “tip term1”

I tried different baud rates and searched for ways to ignore the EOT signal but have not found a solution.

I think there is something with the Solaris 10 driver because we do not have a problem when connecting using the Edgeport connected to a Windows XP laptop.

Has anyone seen this behavior before and, if so, what can I do to fix it?

BTW, the Edgeport/4 appears to have the TI chipset as the model number is 50000787-01.


I believe that Karen Phonharath from 4-D Neuroimaging has already submitted a case in our database relating to this problem.

The problem she submitted looks very similar to this one and she is also in San Diego.

Would this be the same case?

If not, please let me know (I’ve already emailed Karen with instructions on the next steps for her)


Mike Swift

Hi Mike,

Yep, this is in fact the same case. She was entering the problem report at the same time I was browsing the forum.

Can you forward your response to me as Karen is out of the office until next week? (skip@4dneuroimaging.com)


  • Ken


Yes, I will do that right now.

Mike Swift