edgeport/8 on Netra X1/Solaris 10 not recognized


I have a Sun Netra X1 with Solaris 10 Release 11/06. This release seems to contain all the recommended patches from the usb faq already. A edgeport/8 is connected to the onboard usb1.1 but I could not find any way to load the usbser_edge driver for this device. Solaris always says, it can not find a driver for the device and attaches the usb_mid1 default driver.
Any idea, how to get the edgeport recognized correctly?

Thanks in advance for the help.

Regards, Rick


Most likely you have one of our newer TI chipset based Edgeport/8’s which isn’t currently support by Sun.

That being said I am working on getting that supported with them right now. I am estimating 1 to two more weeks before it’s able to be working.

Just to confirm that you do indeed have that particular chipset please give me the 5000XXXX part number on the bottom of your Edgeport.

Thanks a lot


Hi Mike,

The number is 50001314-01 C.

The edgeport was already recognized on the same system with Solaris 10 Release 6/06 after applying all patches. But now with the Release 11/06 it does not work any more. Any idea?

Regards, Rick


Thanks for the info. I was getting conflicting reports from Sun. It does look like it’s possible to add the support for our EP/8 TI unit and it looks like you have done that.

I am really not sure what might have changed between release 06/06 and 11/06.

Would you please go into more exact details on what you mean by “not working”? Basically is it a problem with the driver not loading or you not being able to use the ports after the enumeration? The more details the better. I’ll ask my Sun contact about it.


Mike Swift

The usbser_edge driver is not loaded. The edgeport is recognized as unknown usb device and only the usb_mid default driver for unknown usb devices is attached to the edgeport. The system message is the following:

usba: [ID 723738 kern.info] /pci@1f,0/usb@a/hub@1/device@1 (usb_mid1): no driver found for device /pci@1f,0/usb@a/hub@1/device@1/interface

prtvconf -D shows the follwing:
usb, instance #0 (driver name: ohci)
hub, instance #1 (driver name: hubd)
device, instance #1 (driver name: usb_mid)

/etc/relaese contains:
Solaris 10 11/06 s10s_u3wos_10 SPARC

Thank you for your help,


Thanks. It seems that some people are able to get our TI chipset EP/8’s to work on X and some can’t.

I am sending product to Sun and they should have it early next week. Once they actually have the device they can do whatever is necessary to make it work.

I’m speculating that it may be a week and a half to two weeks before it’s done. Hopefully you can hang in there until then but if not I understand. If you don’t hear from me within two weeks please email me at mikes@digi.com at your convenience.