Testing for a multihop Digimesh network


I have made a digimesh network by placing all my XBee modules in a room and the gateway is reachable by every module. But if I need to test it for Multi-hopping is it necessary for me to place some XBee modules out of range to the gateway and in range with some XBee modules? or is there a possibility for me to tell a module that it has to follow a particular route to reach the gateway?

Also could you let me know if setting only the NH parameter > 0 is sufficient to make the network a multi-hopping one? or is there any other parameter which also needs to be set ?

Thanks in advance.

No, you would need to establish a network so that node B is out of range of the gateway. You would then need to set a 3rd module called A so that it is both in range of B and the gateway. This way all data from the gateway to B would flow through A.

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Thank you for the reply.
I had another question related to this:
Is it possible for me to see the routing table that is created and how the routes are stored/updated in the table?

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As far as I am aware, you are not able to in Digi Mesh