How to test multihoping technique in Xbee module

I am using four XBee S2c modules, Now I want to test the multihop technique in digimesh among these 4 modules.
First device is configured as Coordinator(‘C’)(with sleep support enabled SM = 7) and rest 3 modules is configured
as an end device let say E1, E2, E3 with enabled synchronous cyclic sleep(SM = 8) and ‘SP’ for 1 minute.
My end devices DH and DL is set same as SH and SL of ‘C’ so that every end devices can send data to ‘C’
So in my micropython code each end devices i.e. E1, E2, E3 sending data to ‘C’ after every cyclic sleep period.

I placed the 4 modules in such a way that ‘E1’ is within range of ‘C’, ‘E2’ is within range of ‘E1’ and ‘E3’ is within range of ‘E2’.
So I am assuming that ‘E3’ can communicate with ‘C’ by using multi-hop technique but only ‘E1’ and ‘E2’ is able to send the data to ‘C’.
My question is though ‘E2’ and ‘E3’ is in range.‘E3’ should send data to ‘C’ by hoping ‘E2’->‘E1’ to ‘C’. I checked the NH value which is default set as 7.

Is their any further configuration settings that I have to do or some other method that has to be done so that I can test multihoping? If yes HOW?

Thanks in advance.

No, there are no additional settings needed.