The back side of my module


Unavailable to provide the snapshot of my xbee.
The back side of my module says,

PN:30009582-02 REV A

  1. Model(in Korean) : XBee2
  2. Certification num(In Korean) : TES-XBee2
  3. Certification Company(in Korean) : …
  4. Manufacturer(in Korean) : …

I cannot find the PN that starts with “XBXX” in the back side of it.

When X-CTU is run, the module is initially connected to my computer, and I click “read” in “modem configuration” in X-CTU right after purchase, “XB24-B” is shown and “function set” shows only ZNET 2.5, not “zigbee”.


Provide the screen shot of the module’s backside.

XB24-B means you are having ZNet module.
ZigBee modules will be like, XB24-ZB (or XB24-Z7).
You can migrate to ZigBee from ZNet, refer the following link,