The different between XBP24-AUI-001-XAX and XBP24-AUI-001-RevB

I am a user of the XBee-Pro 802.15.4 OEM Modules,I use it on my sensors. I write the firmware my-self, my program can run correctly on the old modules of the XBP24-AUI-001(X11AA-A-1083). But recently I bought some XBP24-AUI-001-RevB, after I programmed the modules, I found it can’t run correctly. When I debug it i found the program’s watchdog reset frequent, I don’t know where the program’s problem. Or there are some differents between them, If someone know it, please answer me. Thank you!

The rev. B 802.15.4 radios are only compatible with revs. 1084/10A5 or later firmware.

I understand you write your own firmware, but the part number you mentioned of X11AA-A-1083 makes me think they were rev. A radios and shipped with the 1083 firmware. I believe you’ll need to make some modifications to your code to maintain compatability with the rev. B processor.

As far as what those modifications are, you’ll need to contact Technical Support for further details.

Thank you very much!
I have Sent a case to the technical support, but not answered. Do someone write program youself and know the modifiability between the RevA and RevB modules? Can you tell me the modifiability? Thank you!