The smallest wait time is 5 seconds. -> why?

How long (in seconds) should CPU delay before starting up [5]? 1
The smallest wait time is 5 seconds.

Is it safe to edit dialog.c and remove this check?


The question is what are you trying to accomplish? The delay gives a user time to hit carriage return and then change network and other setting through the dialog. If you reduce that delay below human reaction time, they will not be able to hit carriage return in time.

Lets say, for example you wish to dump the dialog all together. In bsp.h in bsp\platforms\ there is a manifest constant BSP_ENABLE_DIALOG. Set this to FALSE (and rebuild your bsp of course) and you'll get no dialog at all.

Available in V6.x and V7.x.

So what is your intent/goal?

My goal is to set the delay to 2 seconds. I don’t want to disable the dialog. I just want it to bootup faster.

5 seconds is way too much. Is there a reason for the hardcoded 5 seconds minimum?

I do not believe there was an architectural reason for selecting 5 seconds except it was less then 10 and more then 3. That is changing it, except for the obvious (less time for a human to react) should not effect the system

For reducing bootup time, most folks have looked at shutting off POST (Power-on Self Test) assuming that makes sense for your application.