TP - Module Temperature


Anyone knows how to convert TP command readings to actual Degree Celsius?



TP command gives the module temperature in degree celsius.
What conversion are you asking?


Please do remember that the temperature is INSIDE the module, so will be many degrees too high (up to 10 degrees too high?). It can be used to understand ‘hot’ verse ‘not hot’ module. It is used by the radio circuit to manage some max power setting which are sensitive to temperature, but you will be disappointed if you try to use it to read ambient (outdoor) temperature.

It is a bit like your CPU temperature in your PC, which might be 25 DegC, or might be 55 DegC, but that does not tell you much about room temperature since it is effected mainly by processor load.

I had the same question. My wall router’s temperature reading looks like this:

Temperature (TP): 65531 degrees C