How do you convert the raw data from device cloud to actual temperature reading?

I am using an xbee gateway to connect to the device cloud. I see my raw data, but I need to convert it to show the temperature readings. How do you convert the raw data. Where do I insert the conversion factor?

Which gateway model are you using exactly? What is sending the temperature (i.e. XBee LTH, external temp. sensor, etc…)?

Model: XBee Gateway-ZB, Ethernet

Its sending a reading form ADC-0 connected to an LM34.
I am getting raw data, but I need to convert to temp reading. How can I run it to a conversion factor?

You might want to have a look at the XBee Gateway Dashboard:

You would place a group of python files on your gateway and configure the file to auto-start.

Documentation for using the kit, can be found here:

The following shows temperature configuration in the dashboard application along with the formula to convert the temperature on a TMP36 temperature sensor (the LM34 specifications may be different):

If you are proficient with Python, you can design your own application using Digi ESP:

Additional Python examples can be found on the Digi developer wiki: