Trigger schedule from Device?

I’m looking for a way to trigger an action between two iDigi devices, for instance, a door sensor opening will upload something to the IDigi Device Cloud, and that will cause the Scheduler to send some RCI to another iDigit device - turn on a light, for instance. It seem slike the scheduler is only based on time - is there another way to do this?

Similarly - can I have the iDigi Device Cloud trigger an email, or SMS based on some action from a connected device? I’m thinking this is not possible - instead I need to use Web Services to do this from another device.

Lots of good questions.

First, as you’ve noticed, the only trigger currently for the scheduling of operations is time currently. We’ve talked about having other triggers (such as devices connecting with certain conditions, data, etc.), but it is something that is not available yet (and likely would be a while).

So, in order to achieve the interaction between different devices you’d have have to either make web service calls from the device to control the other devices, or write some external application to manage the interaction. There are features like an application being able to open up a TCP socket (with HTTP callback support coming) and be notified of events like data being pushed up from devices. The application would look at the data and take appropriate action.

As for the next question, we are adding an alarm feature which initially will be focused on connectivity of devices – so you will be notified if the connection meets certain criteria of instability or disconnecting, but initially it will not trigger on things like event data, so you will have to manage these sorts of notifications from the device or application.

I’ll pass along what you’re trying to accomplish so it is considered as a use case.