TS 4 MEI forgets IP and can't open serial ports

I’ve had two recent problems with two of my TS 4 MEI PortServers.

1: My portservers occasionally forget their IP address. I can reset this, but why does this keep happening?

2: I can’t open the serial ports with instruments attached to them after turning on the portserver (using Hypterm, TeraTerm, RealTerm…). If, however, I unplug the instrument and then plug it in to the portserver after the PortServer is already on then I am able to open the instrument port and receive data from the instrument normally. Both instruments start sending serial data as soon as they are powered. How can I fix this? A little more info… when I log onto the portserver in Session Management it says 1 (TTY), Logging In (Connected To), and 0 (Sessions).


I figured it out. When the portserver lost its IP address it also reset the ports. Once I set them from Unassigned to RealPorts all of the ports worked fine.

I still find the symptoms I saw strange, and I don’t know why everything got reset. Well, at least I found a solution.


I want to use the serial port of my WRT54G V2 with some hardware that requires a speed of 460800(=115200 * 4) Baud. Can this be achieved with the WRT54G?

What Digi product are you referring to? The only thing I can find for the WRT54G V2 is a Linksys WiFi router. Are you looking for a Digi product that can connect to this router? If so, what do you need the Digi product to do? If you have specific questions on that router, you may want to contact Linksys for assistance.