Turn Passport i-KVM USB into PS/2

There used to be a i-KVM version with PS/2, but they are discontinued. I have 2 USB i-KVMs and would like to connect one to a PS/2-only device. Both versions were quite similar. I’m pretty sure it’s only the cable and some setting that 's different.

Is here anyone who knows if and where I can get a replacement cable (combination VGA+PS/2 with a 30 pin tiny connector to the mainboard) to make my USB version into a PS/2 one? Is this cable a replaceable spare part I can order somewhere?

Or is someone willing to open a PS/2 version and send me the connector pin layout? :slight_smile:

I was also thinking about USB -> PS/2 converters, but these are only for a single device (keyboard or mouse) and probably not working together with the i-kvm…