Passport 16 Serial Interface with APC UPS (RJ45 <> DB9)

Howdy All,

Just wondering if anyone has knocked up a cable that goes from an APC Symmetra UPS to the Passport 16 i.e. DB9 to Rj45.

I understand that the APC serial cables are a bit different and currently we don’t have one (otherwise I would have tried just putting an RJ45<>DB9 shellback between the UPS and the CAT6 cable to the Passport box).

Any help would be appreicated.

Thanks - Rob

I’ll be happy to try coming up with a pinout for such a cable if you can provide the pinout of the APC Symmetra UPS and tell me whether its a DCE or DTE interface (i.e. if they have a diagram for an APC Symmetra UPS to laptop comm port, are the signals null or straight-through?)

I have had no real luck is getting a pinout for it so have created a workaround by just putting a DB9<>RJ45 shellback onto the end of a newly purchased APC serial cable and that works a treat (as expected) it is just ugly unfortunately. Thanks for your offer though.