Problem transmitting data

I have a PortServer TS16 that I am having difficultly sending or receiving data to one CNC machine. I have verified all the settings in software, and even pulled a cable from a different CNC to test, and it works. When I test the cables end to end without the short RJ45 Female to Male adapter that plugs into the PortServer, the problem CNC cable tests out at a perfect TIA 568B 12345678. The other CNC that works tests out as 123456XX (Short 7&8) according to my cable tester. When I put the adapters on, the problem CNC shows XX4567XX (Short 1&8, 2&7), and the good CNC cable shows XX456XXX. I know that the CNC machine is not the problem (or the RS-232 adapter used to connect the Cat5 cable to). The cabling tests out with at least pins 4,5,&6 as active with the inline adapter. The port settings on the Digibox are the same as the one that works, so it’s not a Digibox configuration that I can see. The CNC software configuration was never changed. The only thing that change was the machine was moved, and they used a new cable. Anyone have any idea what the problem could be with the cable? What should the pinout configuration be?

Are these rs232 adapters Digi adapters?
If yes, what are the part numbers on them. We make quite a few different versions.

Also, is your PortServer TS16 the rs232 only type or MEI type?