Two AnywhereUSBs cause Windows to crash

I’ve been successfully running an AnywhereUSB/5 on Windows for several months. Today I tried to add a second device to the system; this is leading to issues. The problem manifests on bootup. When two AnywhereUSBs are active Windows crashes with a BSOD immediately after login. If either of the devices are unplugged then login and bootup proceed normally, and the second box can then be plugged back in without complaint. Unfortunately, this is not an effective longterm workaround, since the computer will be rebooted regularly, and users do not have access to the AnywhereUSB boxes. What can I do to make it so that I can boot up the computer normally? I’m happy to provide minidump files if it would be helpful.

Do you have the latest AnywhereUSB drivers and firmware?

What type of USB devices are you connecting to the AnywhereUSB device?

Thanks for the quick reply. Yes, both the host drivers and device firmwares are up to date.

After further investigation I’ve found that I can make the problem go away by removing a single USB device during bootup. That device is essentially a USB-RS232 converter embedded into a measurement instrument. What’s strange is that there are two identical instruments connected to the other AnywhereUSB and removing these does not fix the problem. For reference the instrument shows up in the device manager as “Silicon Labs CP210x USB to UART Bridge”.

Disconnecting devices for bootup is not a viable long term solution for me.