two ha profile zigbee coordinator nearby issues

Two xbee s2c coordinator loaded with HA profile,under each xbee co-ordinator has two routers.
When power is removed in all devices and get back powered in all devices,except one coordinator.Then ,All the router joined to single coordinator.what is the reason for other routers joined to single xbee coordinator.The PAN ID used for HA profile device is it possible to use different PAN ID in a HA profile?

HA profile doesn’t specify a PAN ID.

Check your configuration for ATNW and ATJV. They control similar features on the router that can force them to join a new network when they lose communication with their current coordinator.

If those features are disabled your routers will patiently wait on their current network for the coordinator to turn back on.

It worked well when i disabled JV,NW.Thank you