Unable to apply firewall to ETH 0

Hi I am trying to do a failover from ethernet to cellular. I have also been referring to both note 41 and note 53. The last step of the guide shows that applying the firewall rule to ETH 0 and therefor i selected ETH 0 and clicked apply. Then it indicates “Please wait…” and it freezes there. It only happend when i apply it to ETH 0. Applying firewall on PPP 1 does not cause any problem.

Would like to know how do i troubleshoot or fix this?
Is there any way to find out why is there a problem on ETH 0?


i have seen it take a little time to respond

you can enable the firewall in the interface configuration /advanced settings or from the command line

eth 0 firewall on

other thing might be if you are connected to ethernet interface it could block or break the connection as it enables so make sure you dont have rules that would lock you out of the device.

if you are having other issues i would say contact technical support as it could also be a firmware issue