Unable to change function set to 802.15.4 on XBP24CNG (XBP24CZ7RIS-005 rev A)

Im unable to find a suitable firmware to flash to XBP24CZ7RIS-005 to move from ZIGBEE PRO firmware to 802.15.4 firmware.

The firmware options in XCTU when clicked on “Update” ony give options for DigiMesh and ZIGBEE PRO feature sets.

I got the modules from official distributor and running firmware A063 now, but I really need to move to 802.15.4 feature set to comply with my legacy devices. Any thoughts?


Marcel, this product does not currently offer an 802.15.4 firmware. It is only offered with Zigbee code at this time.

This seems to be true and also referenced in https://author-hub.digi.com/dp/path=/support.asset/digi-xbee-s2c-pro-ng-migration-guide/
Is there any chance this will be supported in a near future? Is there a good source of this type of information as DIGIs documentation is very fragmented.

I would suggest talking to your account manager and looking at the Support pages. The most up to date firmware files and documentation is found on them.