Unable to connect XBEE PRO S2C with Securifi Almond 3

I’m trying to make the Xbee Pro S2C module with below configuration, to get connected with the Securifi Almond 3 router, using ZigBee HA protocol.
ZS 2
AP 1
AO 3
EE 1
EO 2
KY 5A6967426565416C6C69616E63653

But the router is unable to discover the device at all. Also, as I have connected the Xbee module with Arduino, having empty setup() and loop() program.
What am I missing here and what more should I add/check to make this connection work?

xbeexplorer, you need to first make sure that your 3rd party Securifi Almond 3 is the Coordinator. Next, you need to look at the API responses coming out of the XBee. Then using Digi’s API, issue the proper responses to the request that are made. Most likely you are missing a ZDO match descriptor request that you need to send the proper response to.

Thanks mvut. Any idea how to verify if the Almond 3 Router is coordinator?
Also, I tried printing the requests received by xbee, through serial port of Arduino. But, no request was received ever, when I try to add a device from the Almond router.
The Almond Router displays, make sure the ZigBee device is in pairing mode. I believe whatever the xbee configurations I mentioned above, should bring it to pairing mode.

You are going to need to check with the manufacture of the device for that. You might want to even read its documentation as it could be a closed network.

Well I got it connected to the hub but its recognized as an Unknown Device. I guess thats progress. It seems it passes something called a ZDO request. If I set xBee AO to either 0 or 1 I can connect to Almond as an unknown Device. If I have AO set to 3, I cannot connect.

Thanks Rick55. Could you please share which XBEE device you used for this successful connection (is it a SMT?) and the configuration parameters?
I’ve tried with xbee pro s2c and xbee s2c, with only changes as I mentioned above. Still i’m getting association failed.
Also, did you added any code on Arduino, as I do not have any.