unable to unload dgap driver


I already have one C/Con 16 working on my C/X PCI card. I tried to add a second C/Con 16 to por 2 of my card.

When I finished configuring and tried to reload the driver, it gives me this message and won’t allow me to unload the driver.

The DAGP driver was not unloaded!
Perhaps it is still busy?
Please kill off all processes off all ports, then try “stop” again.

Currently there are no devices attached to any C/Con 16. What process should I look for to kill?


You should look for porcesses like getty, ‘cat’ sleep etc.
#fuser /dev/ttyxxx will display pid

You will want to make sure there are no processes running on any of the existing C/CON ports (including getty).

Once this is confirmed, you will want to be sure and unload the module prior to re-loading it with the newly added C/CON. This can be done within mpi or from the command line:

/etc/init.d/dgap stop
/etc/init.d/dgap start