Understanding XBee in Zigbee stack

I’ve got two XBee S2C module and I’d like to use them with my ZigBee hub.

As far as I understand, the module implements only the network part of the protocol, up to converting RF frames into a data stream. What to send/receive from the data stream to talk to the ZigBee hub has to be done outside the module.

Am I right?

If I am, where can I find a ZigBee stack to use with the S2C module and either Arduino or Raspberry Pi?



Close. The modules already have a Zigbee stack installed and offer an easy to use interface. It is actually designed to make it so that a serial device such as a sensor can simply send the data to the correct Zigbee cluster based off of a few settings. what I would suggest is that you read over the Product Manual for the S2C module to get a better idea of how it works.


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