Is it possible for XBee PRO S2C to communicate with stm32WB55 with zigbee protocol?

If so what changes to be done in XCTU to bring this interoperability?

You are asking what settings on an XBee module need to be set to talk to a Processor that supports BLE, Zigbee and Thread applications that you or someone else needs to write and port to that processor. I don’t think that is something Digi can answer as it would depend greatly on what protocol and settings used on that 3rd party processor.

Thank you for your reply!

My question is what settings has to be done in XBEE PRO S2C to communicate with other similar devices wirelessly using Zigbee protocol?

At minimum, you need to set the ZS value to what ever stack is being used and API mode to Explicit frames.

Many thanks for the reply.
I had set the ZS value to 2.
Could you please provide link of any detailed documentation on the same?