Unused switches (S5-S8) & LEDS (DS5-DS8) on Digital I/O board (RC56/57XX)

I’ve just received my RCM5600W development kit, and have most of it working. I’ve been able to write & compile programs and verify the board is functional.

I’ve noticed there are empty pads for S5-S8 and DS5-DS8 (Digital I/O board). If I populated these with the appropriate switches & LEDS - will they work?
(obviously, I need to install jumpers JP10 & JP11 as well)

That is- will they be available to my programs for use, or would I need
to have new Firmware in the board to be able to use these?

Why doesn’t DIGI.COM populate these parts? 8 bit ports are better than 4 bit ports.

I wonder if Digi will sell me the switches & jumpers - so I don’t have to go hunting for these.


There should be no problem using the extra switches and LEDS if you fit them. You will need to make sure the port pins are configured correctly - looking at the existing sample code for the programs that use the LEDs/switches and the circuit diagram for the board will show you what pins to use.

I don’t know if Digi would sell that parts them selves but they might be able to give you part numbers/suppliers that you could use to track the parts down with.