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In a Python Configuration for (ConnectPort X2), i would like to upload a file name:“embedded_kit_gateway.zip”

but the message if got it is “Unable to upload file: out of disk space (Code: -5)”

how i can dealing with this problem??

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It is possible that the filesystem is, in fact, full. What is the file size of the “embedded_kit_gateway.zip” file? Do you know what other files are loaded in the filesystem for Python?

The file size of the “embedded_kit_gateway.zip” is 658K, around 674664 bytes

and other files:

zigbee.py 1147 bytes
python.zip 129910 bytes
EmbeddedKitManager.py 16833 bytes
EmbeddedKitService.py 537 bytes
WPAN.py 1147 bytes

you can delete python.zip file from X2 Gateway. and re-upload embedded_kit_gateway.zip file.

There are two possible limits that are being reached, RAM and flash.

First, can you determine how much system RAM is free when you attempt the upload operation? This can be seen in the “System Information” selection in the web interface. This is not the most likely candidate, but worth testing.

Second, the .zip file size may be pushing the size limit of the filesystem available to Python. The effective size of the filesystem is just over 830k. Filesystem overhead might push your observed total bytes to be stored over the internal limit. Are you able, for instance, to upload a “.zip” file 50% or even 75% the size of “embedded_kit_gateway.zip”?

The intention is to determine whether this is a true limitation, or an error.

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