USB 2.0 Scanner with DIGI AnywhereUSB 1.1, to ESX Windows Guest

I am having variable scan time results with this setup.

Scan times with the Digi device with hardware OS result in variable times from 25-35 seconds.

Scan times with the Digi device and ESX guest OS result in variable times from 38-50 seconds.

Is the additional overhead because of ESX 3.50?

Hardware OS & Guest OS are Win2K3.


If all other things are equal then that would seem to be the case but I would find that surprising. Does the VM in question have a sufficient amount of RAM dedicated to it? Is the same AnywhereUSB driver being used on both OS’s?

The guest OS has 4GB ram in normal sharing,
1.2GHz reservation with normal sharing,

we had tried allocating more cpu and high sharing, with no impact to scan times.

We’re scheduled to release a newer AnywhereUSB in the near future that will offer better performance. It may work better for this kind of application. Would you like for us to let you know when that hardware is available?

that wold be great - THANKS!