USB/2 much slower than USB/5

We just deployed several dozen usb/2 and usb/5 devices.

The usb/2 devices are much slower than the usb/5?

The specs doesnt list any difference except the number of ports. Is this something we can fix? The speed of the USB/2 device with our check scanner is not acceptable.

But we have flashed firmware and made sure everything else was the same as th USB/5 devices.

There will be a firmware update in the future that will help increase the usb speed much like the AnywhereUSB/5 has. There is no timeframe when the firmware will be released

Is there anyway to get a beta firmware? Otherwise, I fear management will be seeking to return these 42 devices for SIIG branded devices.


You would need to contact Digi Technical Support to obtain the beta firmware when the firmware becomes available