USB Anywhere compatibility with serial converters

some well know usb-to-serial converters like FTDI or Silabs, normally need their own drivers to work.
They appear on Windows like a COM port(x).

Does your USB Anywhere hub can accept and manage correctly this kind of devices ?

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Hi, I am not 100 percent sure that I understand your question. The AnywhereUSB is a 5 port USB hub that looks like local USB ports to the operating system even though it’s physically connected to the network. Any USB device plugged into it will behave the same as if you plugged it into to a physical onboard USB port directly attached to the system.

Is this the info you’re looking for? If not, please elaborate on your needs.


Mike Swift

Ok, I’ll try to expose better my question;

I have many USB devices, based on FTDI chip, which are
basically converters, from USB to RS232.
When connected to PC they appear as virtual COM ports,
used by my software application which communicate with
some instruments with serial interface.

My question is: was the AnywhereUSB hub tested also with this kind of Usb-Serial converters ?
In other words, if I connect my FTDI converters to AnywhereUSB (to control remote serial intruments), can I still see the virtual COM ports on my server side ?



Hi, we have a product called the Edgeport which has been tested extensively with our AnywhereUSB product. The EP is a USB to serial port adapter similar to what you describe.

I am completely confident that you will have no troubles using yours with our AnywhereUSB.

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Mike Swift

Ok, Thank you Mike !