USB Drives freezing system

This is somewhat hard to explain.

I have the USB Anywhere 5. On the bottom it says Anywhere USB 1.8.

We are using a VM with Server 2003 with SP2

I installed the drivers from the CD that came with it.

Assigned an ip address.

When I plug an external usb drive into any of the ports the led lights on the external hard drive go crazy, and then it freezes the server.

You cant get into my computer, or anything that relates to my computer.

Once you shut the external drive off, the system comes back to life.


I’m sorry to say that USB storage devices aren’t supported with any of the current model AnywhereUSBs. By “not supported” I mean they should be treated “as is” since they don’t work well, and there’s nothing we can currently do to improve their behavior, so we don’t advise using them. This is mostly because storage devices are USB 2.0 and the AnywhereUSB is USB 1.1, with realistic transfer rates being about 33% of the USB 1.1 theoretical speed.

For what it’s worth, I can’t say that I’ve heard of the exact symptom you’re seeing. From our experience, smaller capacity drives are usually less prone to problems, and larger capacity drives usually cause more problems. So I’ll take an educated guess that you’re a large capacity drive.

My best suggestion is to keep an eye out on USB 2.0 support for the AnywhereUSB some time in the future. That may resolve some of these issues. We’re beginning to experiment with USB 2.0 support and may eventually offer firmware upgrades for that enhancement. Note that these potential firmware upgrades would only be applicable for newer 2nd Generation AnywhereUSB models, not the legacy AnywhereUSB/5 (part number 301-1130-01).

Or, of course, use a “true” network-attached storage solution such as NAS, etc.