AnywhereUSB hangs PC and VM machine

We are trying to copy files over to a USB device attached to an AnywhereUSB but even when we try and browse to the USB devicve, the PC just hangs and can’t do anything except restart explorer.exe. This also happens exactly the same in a Win2003 VM machine. We have tried different models of USB device connected to the AnywhereUSB and the same happens.

We’ve had reports of this behavior before, especially related to larger files and larger sized USB flash drives and USB hard drives. I’m sorry to say that the AnywhereUSB is just not a good fit for this kind of application. USB flash drives and USB hard drives are technically compatible (they should install and be accessible) but most of them are USB 2.0 devices and the AnywhereUSB is a USB 1.1 hub, actually slower due to being network-attached.

Since there’s nothing to configure/tweak related to an AnywhereUSB, my recommendation is to hold out for the next iteration of the AnywhereUSB which should be released in March of next year. It will be marketed as a USB 2.0 device and it should better handle USB 2.0 devices.