USB to RS232 Converter Problem

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Default USB to RS232 Converter Problem
This seems to be common with Rabbit equipment.
I’m using (well trying to) a BL2000
Have paid for 2 different USB-RS232 Converters, and neither work.
Both do the same, give comms problem notice.
Yes, I’ve tried un-checking the “Enable Processor Verification”
(and every other combination of options I can )

I note that the green ‘power’ light keeps blinking which I see
by the schematic is really the processor RST line.
Down loaded latest Dynamic C 9.52, no change.
The Rabbit guys have really failed on this one, they should
put out a global notice and let people know before they buy a rabbit system
“warning will not work with USB”
I’ve lost hours of time trying to nut this one out.
Has anyone found a reliable fix yet ?

Hello Mike,
Have you found the problem?. I am in the same situation that these your. Thank you…

Did you use an FTDI based USB to RS232 unit?

I have been thinking of buying one but if they don’t work I won’t.

Tim S

I just bought a USB to RS232 convertor from USB Gear and it works fine. By default, it sets up COM 3, so you have to change your settings, but that was the only hiccup I experienced with it. The really nice part is that it also has Vista drivers. I got mine for a few bucks off of E-bay.

Good Luck!

I guess I should state that I am using the LP3500, not the BL2000.