USB to RS232 Convertors

My company is using the Rabbit BL 2120 board with Dynamic C and the RFU in production to calibrate the ADC and DAC and to load firmware. With the death of several older computers, we have had to purchase PC’s without RS232 ports, hence we are trying to use USB to RS232 convertors. I have searched this forum, and found that lots of folks have had problems getting these things to work with Dynamic C and RFU, which has been our experience here.

Can anyone recommend a brand/model that seems to work reliably?


Steve Meyer
MGM Instruments, Inc.

If you are working on laptops/portable computers, the PCMCIA to serial converters do seem to be reliable, although expensive. I am working with a PCMCIA -> serial converter from COMpad.

OK…can I get more details? How did you get Prolink to send to the USB, and not Com1 or COM2? Im at work right now, so I cant open up Prolink, and see the port options.

Id love to get my Pro-89 working via USB, anyone tried this?

or using a Serial to USB adapter?

No, we are using desktops.

Thanks for the info though,



I am not using Prolink. I am trying to use a USB to serial converter, which, when installed the driver treats the USB port as a COM port.