UsbAnywhere driver v3.90.213 not available for download?

I have the issue reported in knowledge article

The solution is to install driver 3.90.213, but on the website the highest driver I can find for AnywhereUSB/2 on Windows 2012 R2 is 3.82 (my current driver).

So how do I fix this? The driver is nowhere to be found, not even in other AnywhereUSB types.

Please respond.

Customer support has send me the 3.90 pre-release driver. Would be available for download on the website later.

The v3.90 AWUSB driver is the “current release” as of today (Feb 17, 2017), and is available to download on the Digi support site.

AWUSB driver v3.90 (32-bit):

AWUSB driver v3.90 (64-bit):