Using XBEE S2 with a project based on S1

Dear all,

I have developped a home control system using XBEE S1. The kit is made of several ATMEGA microcontrollers using XBEE S1 to communicate in star network fashion.

The code I developped uses the MY adress to identify the appliance that the XBEE S1 module is attached to.

Unfortunately, the system doesn’t work due to short range of XBEE S1 1mW modules.

As such, I purchased the XBEE S2 2mW modules, but I know now that these are not backward compatible and there is no way to change the MY adress on these modules.

Can anyone help or point me to the right litterature on this topic?

Best Regards


You can use XBee-Pro modules for extended range.

Refer the following link for different XBee features, .

S2 modules supports ZigBee and ZNet, S1 modules supports
802.15.4 and DigiMesh networks.

In ZigBee, MY - Read the 16-bit network address of the module, a value of 0xFFFE means the module has not joined a ZigBee network. It is read-only.