VDSL support with BT SOGEA-FTTC

WR44 with VDSL/DSL - any known issue with SOGEA-FTTC - also can anyone provide view on what the Estimate Loop Length indicates?

Modem to DSLAM distance?

Modem Status : Showtime
Link Uptime : 0 Hrs 6 Mins 32 Secs
Firmware Version : SW 1.11
Operational Mode : VDSL2 Profile 17A
Remote Vendor ID : IFTN
Est’d Loop Length (ft) : 1560

Unit will SYNC on TalkTalk-FTTC service but fails on BT SOGEA-FTTC (No PSTN element)

Is the Modem in the Digi looking for any “Analogue” tones/conditions.

Unit details as follows:-

Digi WR44-V2 Digi TransPort WR44v2-U200-DE2-XX
Ser#:541178 HW Revision: 2204a Software Build Ver5.2.14.5. Apr 26 2016 11:51:34 LW

Firmware that has been tested are as follows:
1.11 - 1.13 - no SYNC on BT SOGEA Service.

Unit has been defaulted to “Factory” - connects and syncs to TTB service with ZERO config -apply VDSL Configuration


Output below:-

ss541313>eth 12 status
Activation Status : Active
Connection Status : Connected
Physical Port : VDSL
MAC : 00 04 2D E8 42 81
IP Address :
Mask :
DNS Server :
Secondary DNS Server :
Gateway :
DHCP Server :
Lease Remaining (mins) : 8

Final Points

  1. BT WLR/SOGEA Service passes KDB line test - Terminating NTE is a NTE5C unit is connected directly to that unit.
  2. Cisco C887 and Cisco C927 both SYNC noted zero errors and Line Speeds as per supplier stated expected rates Downstream 65Mbps Upstream 16.5Mbps

Thanks Mark