Virtual Transparent mode over API 2 and buffer overflows

I am experimenting with creating a virtualised transparent mode over API 2

Frame data is created from queues within Stream classes - essentially creating virtual Serial drivers that know how to manipulate the API packets and character queue buffers.

I have a basic version working with an Arduino sketch and sub classed stream library, and a nodejs gateway.

However, problems seem to crop up on the Arduino side with regard to buffer overflows and corruption when data rates get too fast.

I have tried adding delays, reducing packet sizes, waiting for acks - but am still getting errors.

A clue appears to be in the packet options flag - 0xC1 indicates a healthy packet. Whereas a range of other values (i.e. 0x2F or 0x80) indicate a problem.

Any tips on how to optimise this, and perhaps check for buffer overflows before sending, removing acks perhaps, would be appreciated.

That is something you are most likely going to need to ask on an Arduino forum.