Vista won't take Edgeport driver, installs Rapidport driver instead

Vista thinks it knows what driver to apply, so it doesn’t prompt me to locate the driver.

So I tried using Add Hardware. Interestingly, when I select the Edgeport driver, Vista shows that it is installing a Rapidport 56K modem instead. I can’t figure out a way around this. Any advice is greatly appreciated.

BTW…I downloaded the latest Edgeport drivers from the Digi website.

I should add that the Edgeport/2 works just fine with my Win XP laptop.

On the Vista laptop, I went into Device Manager and tried the update driver button, but it still wouldn’t work. While the device mgr did show it as an Edgeport device, it didn’t recognize the serial ports and the Edgeport Config util couldn’t find the device.

I think it would be easiest to troubleshoot this over the phone. I’ll send you an e-mail shortly, so we can arrange that.