Webserver TCP port

Can the TCP port for the default web server in the Digi Transport be reassigned to say port 8080?

No, but you can use the firewall to swap it over.

EG, forward requests on port 8080 to port 80 and any requests for port 80 to whatever device you want.

In your example for port 8080 the Digi is actually listening on 8080 if you have HTTP enabled.

port 8443 for https and port 8022 for SSH are listening if you enable the appropriate service. These numbers can not be changed only blocked or redirected in the firewall.

ok, I have found a work around.
I enabled the HTTPS server and turned off the HTTP server. In Connections->IP Connections the socket waiting on TCP 80 has disappeared. So this will work.



you if you want to use port 80 for port forwarding or to block it you could use the firewall to protect or forward the port


Just to clarify, with the current Transport firmware, the TransPort listens on both ports 80 and 8080 by default. If the firmware your unit’s running is “older”, then it may behave differently with respect the HTTP port(s).