Can the WEB GUI Port numbers be changed

On a WR21 modem Ports 80 and 443 are setup to access the WEB Gui of the modem. Can those ports be change so it uses 8080 instead of 80 and 9443 instead of 443?

By default, the WR21 and other SarOS routers listen for:
HTTP on port 80 and 8080
HTTPS on port 443 and 8443
SSH on port 22 and 8022
Telnet on port 23 and 8023

You can turn these services on and off under
Configuration - Network > Network Services

You can change the HTTPS port under
Configuration - Network > Advanced Network Settings

You can change the SSH port under
Configuration - Network > SSH Server > SSH Server 0

I do not believe you can change the HTTP and Telnet port. However, if you are simply using this for external access use the firewall and translate whatever port you want to the default port.

Nicholas Wilson
Your IoT