What are the actual baud rates of the Series 3 module?

The baud rate of the Series 1 module was off a bit (e.g., 115200 was actually 111111) – this was not a problem for me because I use a soft UART. Does this same error exist in the Series 3 module?

I would suggest reading over the hardware manual.Page 7 has some of what you want to know.


Page 7 has NOTHING of what I want to know, so let me ask again: What is the actual versus stated baud rates for the Series 3 module? For example, this is the list of constants I’ve used in the past with Series 1 devices.

BR_9600 = 9_615
BR_19K2 = 19_230
BR_38K4 = 38_461
BR_57K6 = 58_823
BB_115K2 = 111_111

The XBee 3 is not the same as the XBee S1. The S1 used a fixed clock rate where by the XBee 3 does not. As such, its actual baud rate is considerably more accurate than the old S1 was. If you want to know more, then I would suggest submitting a support case by sending an email to tech.support@digi.com