XBee Settings


I have set my new (self supplied) XBee modules to API 2. Can any one tell me if this means they will now be API 2 over a power restart? In which case I guess I can remove the code I wrote to do it? Will it do any harm if this code is left and is always setting API 2 over and again?

I am also concerned about the baud rate but I do not fully understand what the issues are.

My calls to the libelium API, which came with the boards the (libelium supplied) xbee modules are plugged into, turn on the XBee and appear normally to set baud 38400. However the digi docs say default when new 9600. So, I am using 9600 with my new (self supplied) XBees and 38400 with the other (libelium supplied) XBees. Both seem to work.

I am not clear if the baud is permanently fixed in the XBee (according to product code) or in the communicating board and one or other of these must be set to use that same rate in its communications or if the baud can simply be chosen according to preference and what should influence that preference.

Any advice would be appreciated. Thank you.

First off, unless the WR command is used after setting any of the AT parameters before you exit command mode, any settings issued will be loss under a power cycle.

The modules default baud rate from the factory is 9600bps. I suspect the lib files you are using most likely enters the firmware at the default rate using the config line and then sets it to the desired rate.