XBee 802154 1Mw Non-Pro. Chip&Whip Antenna versions behaving differently

I was getting poor range with the 802.15.4 XBee 1Mw Non-Pro with on chip antenna. Partly due to the supplier advertising a maximum outdoor range greater than the Digi manufacturer documentation.

So, I have picked up a couple of what I understand are equivalent xbee modules to the ones I have with chip antenna but with wire/whip. The product code (XB24-A…-001 as referenced by the digi document) is identical except it has central letters “Wi” rather than “Ci”. Hopefully some small range improvement.

I am using the identical program code and i had expected the module to behave identically given this and the same product code, but i am having some issues, the first of which is that the xbee does not appear to respond to the AT command to obtain the mac address parts. As far as i can see the existing code sends the AT command then checks if anything is in the incoming buffer and reads off the response, but with the new module there appears to be no response.

I need to look into this further, I am using libeliums API, but I am professional in C++ and I have the digi documentation, so if necessary I feel I will be able to make changes to the api or could programme the module directly (though I would like to minimise work/changes).

However what I really don’t understand is what could possibly be different between the module with chip and the one with whip given the same product code. I am thinking baud rate? Which serial port I use? Speed of startup? Or perhaps API mode came preset on the first module and this module still has the default? Any thoughts or pointers on this could be very greatly appreciated.

These 2 modules varies only with antenna types and there is no other difference.

As you said, I would also suggest you to check port settings and “AP” parameter.

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You are right it appears my existing XBee modules came from the supplier in API 2 already. This new one a obtained separately was API 0 (default transparent). I wrote code to change it and I have more tests to do but I think the problem is solved, thank you.

Will the AP remain set now over a power restart? So can I take out the code that sets it?

I also changed the baud used in my code from 38400 (used with my existing XBee Modukes) to 9600. I did this before the AP change. But it was the AP change that fixed things. Is the baud set permanently in the XBee or in the communicating board and I have to make them match or is it just a question of preference and if so what infuences that preference?

Thank you so much I do appreciate your advice.