What is retention time of configuration load into module via X-CTU??


Our product includes Zigbee series-2 module of Digi. Currently we are configuring various setting via X-CTU and after configuring we planning to include it into our product in which module talks with microcontroller.

How long this configuration will stay into module?

Do I need to configure parameter each time my product restarts or powered up?

What is recommended way to configure module in my case?

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If you write the changes to the flash they are permanent. You can do this with the WR command. From the manual:

Write. Write parameter values to non-volatile memory so that parameter modifications
persist through subsequent resets.
Note: Once WR is issued, no additional characters should be sent to the module until
after the “OK\r” response is received. The WR command should be used sparingly. The
EM250 supports a limited number of write cycles.“

I’m a bit of confused now. Writting parameters from XCTU (I.e. By clicking write button), goes into flash or not? If it goes into flash then is it okay if we do not develop algorithm in our application to set this parameter?

Using the Write function in XCTU writes the settings to Non volatile memory. Same thing as using the WR command.