What is the best Xbee for the job?

I am currently working on a project for a wireless sensor network. The requirement for the project is to have the lowest power consumption and physical weight of the device which is why Xbee modules would be the best without the need for other microcontrollers. The current system has four nodes (end devices) that consistently transmit 18 Kbps, this would require the coordinator to have a data rate of 72 Kbps and can handle multiple signals at once. The Xbee would need to have an ADCs on board that can handle the sample rate of 500 Hz. The sensor nodes are going to be on drones to the max range for the sensors would ideally be the best the Xbees can offer. With those requirements in mind would anyone know what the best module for Xbee would be to use? Is there one that can handle this project? Thanks to anyone that can help.

I would suggest contacting Digi Sales at sales@digi.com

This email is blocked by Gmail and yahoo. Is there another address or way to contact a sales representative?


Also try sales.questions@digi.com