What is the pinout to connect the console port of UTM FortiGate 1000c

UTM Fortinet
Model: FortiGate 1000c

What Digi product?

I believe all FortiGate devices with an RJ45 console port use the Cisco pinout described in this support article: http://www.cisco.com/c/en/us/support/docs/routers/1600-series-routers/46789-port-pinout.html#ports

You might not need to connect the DTR and DSR pins, at least this has not been necessary in the couple of adapter cables I have made myself for connecting to Moxa devices and USB-to-RS232 adapters.

Hi SinusData,

Thanks for your response. You are right, the pinout for Fortigate is the same than Cisco. I already have proved it and It works.


What Digi console device are you connecting the Fortigate to?