What Windows OS does Watchport Manager run on?


I had Watchport Manager running on an old Windows XP laptop monitoring the temperature in a freezer. The laptop has finally died, so I need to decide what to do.

I seem to recall that when I set up the laptop, I had to use XP (and not Vista) because Watchport Manager didn’t support Vista.

Anything I buy today is going to have Windows 7 loaded. Will Watchport Manager run on Windows 7?


Yes it will run on all the newer Platforms. You should either use Windows Update to get the latest drivers for it or you can get them from the Digi website. You can also get the latest version of Watchport Manager from the following link.


Watchport Manager is not supported with Windows 7, as it hasn’t been tested with that OS, therefore we can’t claim that it works. The last OS it was tested for was Windows XP. Watchport Manager should be treated “as is” with Windows 7.

What alternatives to Watchport Manager are people using? I am not averse to running a Linux variant, but I’d really rather not go back to XP.

In my personal opinion, it’s worth trying Watchport Manager on Windows 7. It may work. If you happen to run into issues, though, then we won’t be able to help - that’s what I mean by it’s not “supported”.

We also offer beta software called SensorServ that you’re welcome to try. It’s also “as is” with Windows 7. Please review the last post in the URL below for details on downloading/installing/configuring it.


Will do. Thank very much for the help!