When starting Digi Transport with GPS attached, no internet connectivity is achieved

When we start a Digi transport router with the USB GPS attached, it does not provide internet connectivity to the attached network clients.

Removing the GPS and starting again results in correct connectivity.

We found that when the GPS is attached after startup, both internet connectivity and GPS are working. However, this is a bad solution for our application case.

Is there a workaround for this problem?

What is the full model number of the router you are using in particular?

If it is a WR/SarOS based router it is probably allocating the GPS serial ports prior to the USB ports of the cellular module causing the OS to not bind to the right ports.

If this is the case, check what the ports are being used when working correctly and what ports are being allocated on boot using the busb and usb commands.

Then change the config to expect the new ports. Obviously if this is cause, thorough testing would need to be done to confirm function. Potentially, you could also write a small python script to manage edge cases to change the config should a router boot with no GPS attached.

Nicholas Wilson
Your IoT

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