Which Gateways can be used for HA compliant devices

Which gateways models can I use for Home Automation (HA) compliant devices? Are any easier to control locally (without using the cloud) or support different interfaces?

The only one that I am aware of that could support HA would be the X2E as you need to use the S2C modules.

Actually this is a project I’ve been working on for over 6 months now. The real answer is any gateway that has a Through hole Module version S2B. Can be replaced with a S2C module. S2C supports binding which is required for HA. After that, you can simply code everything in python the same way you would for other modules. This time including binding for the specfic clusters.

The X2e gateway line (http://www.digi.com/products/xbee-rf-solutions/gateways/xbee-gateway) is sufficient to interface with HA devices. There is no out-of-the box support for HA so you need to code support from scratch which can be a non-trivial undertaking. Those gateways provide an SSH client and Linux-based environment including Python (w/ SSL support, etc) so you can control things locally or code an alternate interface.

All that could be involved is a litle out of scope for this question. Depending on what you have in mind can contact me at joel.lovinger@nullsquared.com