why any message received into AUARTx is sended to remote console in IMX28 when i debug my application?

I have created an application that uses the AUART1 port to receive messages from an external serial port.
Every message that is received from the external port appears to me in the remote debug console, is it possible to disable this? That is, how can I make the console only show debug messages using PRINTF in my application?

not sure what you mean by remote debug console?
Different serial port?
Sdantard debug console STDIO should go to DUART by default.

Yes, the standard debug console STDIO is DUART like you tell, but in window “Remote Console” of Digi ESP 5.9 IDE I am receiving not only the STDIO messages of my program, also other messages (not for depuration) which corresponding to the AUART1 port because this port is working for another application.
I hope you can understand me, my depuration system is affected for this topic.

instead of running your app from serial console, ssh in to your target via network and run it from the ssh console. This way only messages from your app will appear there and system messages will still go to the serial console.

It is strange, I try it from ssh like you indicated me, executing the app from ssh not from telnet port 23 or serial console and the results are same, between the log messages of application there are others corresponding to the activity of the AUART1 port in that moment.
I finish to test that if I launch the app via a script, then there are not messages corresponding to UART1, only messages of application.
This is what I would like, but I do not know how to do this remotely from the Digi ESP 5.9 debugger.
Do you have any idea what happens?